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Lift your eyes

God is always speaking to us, we just need to learn to tune in, to lift our eyes to Him. He speaks to us in many different ways.

As your heart is brought to a place of rest, tune in to what Father God is saying to you.


Songs that speak of growing deeper in the love of God; allowing yourself to step into the fulness of all that He has for you as you fix your eyes and keep them fixed on Him.

A time to heal

Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control. Life doesn’t always turn out in the way we planned. Yet in it all we can find a Father who loves us, a Friend who is closer than a brother, and a Comforter who strengthens and encourages us.

These songs speak of the love, healing and comfort that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can bring in the midst of trouble and heartache and of the strength we can find when we allow them to carry us through it.

My precious child

Songs that speak of the Father’s love for us and my response to that love.