I come with open hands Ready to receive all that You have for me I come with outstretched hands Ready to reach up and place my hand in Yours I come with empty hands For what could I give To the One who has given so much to me? I come with an open heart […]

A new year

A New Year A symbolic benchmark A line in the sand No more looking back Instead fix your eyes forward To the new horizon Embracing its hopes and anticipations Newness and vitality Farewell to the old Welcome to the new Leave behind past regrets Opportunities missed And previous disappointments Open yourself to New ways of […]


Quiet Stillness Just the gentle murmur Of the river as it flows The mumbled chatter of the birds And the warmth of the winter sun Upon my legs Solitude Silence At one with nature With no distractions Sunlight reflecting off water Streaming through trees and Lighting up parts of the landscape Beauty Colour Calming and […]

It’s the little things

It’s the little things A smile A touch that says “I care” Recognising a need And stepping in to meet it A little act of service Can mean so much Going out of your way Giving up your time Speaks to another That they matter and have worth Stopping to listen Slowing down to care […]

You bring me to this place

You bring me to this place This place of encounter Where we meet Spirit to spirit And my heart can be at rest You meet me here in this place Where my heart is stilled Where I am always welcome And I encounter Your love in all its fullness How I love this place Where […]


Rest Such a necessary thing Which God wove into The very fabric of creation The ability to stop To pause To cease from doing And just to be All too often We overlook its importance The utter necessity Of rest Life is currently lived At such breakneck speed With no time built in To slow […]

I can breathe again

I feel like I can breathe again As I take this time To let your love wash over me To surround me and comfort me I feel like I can breathe again I feel like I can breathe again As I let cares drop off one by one As I let tension go And breathe […]

The river flows

The river flows, the birds singAnd the wind blowsGently through the treesThe white butterflies danceBetween the carpet of bluebellsAt my feetThe horse rolls in the dustAnd the cows lie in the grassBasking in the sunAll is peaceful and stillCalm and tranquil Your peace is like that LordQuietly invading my soulCalming the anxious thoughtsFending off the […]

In the secret place

In the secret place I encounter You Here, where my heart Is stilled In the secret place Where I draw aside From all your distractions And take time just to be And I am reminded Once again Of Your closeness To me You truly are The God who sees me Who knows me Better than […]

Watching the world go by

Watching the world go by Changing scenes flash past me Mountains and fields Towns and cities Brown and grey houses Rivers and streams And it comes to me as I watch How many people There are in this world How many nationalities Different colours of skin And spoken languages And yet You say Lord that […]