I come with open hands

Ready to receive all that You have for me

I come with outstretched hands

Ready to reach up and place my hand in Yours

I come with empty hands

For what could I give

To the One who has given so much to me?

I come with an open heart

Ready to be filled with all the fulness of Your love

I wait…

I wait…

I wait for You

I quiet my heart

I quiet my mind

I let go of the jumble of thoughts

That occupy my mind

I still my heart

I cease from my striving

I wait in the stillness

I wait in the silence

I wait…

I shut out the noise

I shut out the conflicting voices

And tune in instead 

To the quiet beating of Your heart

I breathe in Your stillness

I breathe in Your peace

I let go of the weights

I let go of the cares

I let go of the things that distract me

And drag me down

I let go…

And in that place of stillness

In that place of peace

In that place, free of striving

I encounter You

I encounter love

I encounter life

I encounter joy

I encounter You

I encounter a depth of peace

That is only found in Your stillness

As I wait here in the quiet

With You