Face to face
That’s where I encounter You
Eyes of love
Looking deep into my being
In the intensity of Your gaze
Such love resides
Acceptance, healing and freedom
Are found in Your eyes

I struggle under the intensity
Of Your gaze
It’s hard not to look away
To turn my face aside
So I can’t see the love
That’s in Your eyes
Reaching into the very depths
Of who I am

How can You love me like this?
Don’t You see all the stains and imperfections?
What have I done to deserve such acceptance?
Don’t You see the shame and the scars?
Still You gaze at me
With such tender love
That radiates from
Your all seeing, all knowing eyes

Your love is a covering
That wraps me in righteousness
Lifts me from my self made pit
Places my feet
On a firm foundation
And causes me to lift my eyes
Your love affirms me
And causes me to walk tall

Face to face
I find welcome and belonging
Face to face
My defences fall
Face to face
I find my true identity
A child who is loved
More than I could know