Take time to appreciate

Take time to appreciate The world around you Go for a walk Smell the roses Live in the moment Be fully present So often life is lived At whirlwind speed Always rushing from One thing to the next Slow down, take time Appreciate the beauty around you It’s there if you look for it Found […]

Stop to wonder

Stop to wonder Listen to the birds singing Bask in the sunshine And breathe in its warmth Lift your eyes to the sky Trace the shapes of the clouds Rest in the stillness And the wonder of this moment All is peaceful and calm The wind blows gently through the trees In the distance the […]

When You Speak

When You speak Things change When You speak Hope is found again When You speak What’s dead comes to life When You speak When You speak Healing comes When You speak Mountains are moved When You speak Things are re-aligned When You speak When You speak You reach the depths of my soul When You […]

Just be

Just be…Not strivingNot doingJust be… Just be…At one with my creationLearn to live in the momentJust be… Just be…Silent, stillHeart open to My whispersJust be… Just be…And as you areI come to youJust be…

Face to face

Face to faceThat’s where I encounter YouEyes of loveLooking deep into my beingIn the intensity of Your gazeSuch love residesAcceptance, healing and freedomAre found in Your eyes I struggle under the intensityOf Your gazeIt’s hard not to look awayTo turn my face asideSo I can’t see the loveThat’s in Your eyesReaching into the very depthsOf […]

Stay in the moment

Stay in the momentDon’t rush on byIn a whirlwind of emotionsAnd mind preoccupations Stay in the momentAppreciate what’s around youTake time to be fully presentNot harassed by distractions Stay in the momentTake time to breathe deeplyTo pause and reflectAnd to stop for a second Stay in the momentTake time to refocusRe-evaluate what is importantAnd what […]

Hand in Hand

Hand in handI walk with You Not rushing ahead Not dragging behind But side by side Sometimes the temptation Is to drag behind When the way ahead Is unsureAnd the path unclear Sometimes in my eagernessI rush aheadTrying to makeMy own wayNot waiting for You And yet I realiseThat neither of theseWill workI must keepMy […]